Armenia – tasting notes, part 2

Voskeni - Assaad Awad signed barrel

For an on-the-ground, first-hand overview of this ancient-but-newly revived wine country in the Caucasus, see Armenia – the next chapter, and for an extremely helpful guide to its wine regions and grape varieties, read Armenia – the lay of the land

Yesterday in Armenia – tasting notes part 1 we covered wineries beginning with letters A–M; this article picks up where that one left off. The 60 notes below are in alphabetical order by producer (sur)name. All wines were tasted in Armenia.

Noah of Areni

Noah of Areni - the arrestingly cubist orange winery
Noah of Areni's new, arrestingly orange-and-charcoal cubist winery

Swiss wine producer, importer and retailer Jakob Schuler comes from a long lineage of winemakers...