Bordeaux 2016 – the guide


25 May The big guns of Bordeaux are at long last coming out with their 2016 prices – generally 10 to 15% more in euros than the 2015s, so much more for those paying in sterling. But wine merchants in both the UK and Hong Kong report lukewarm interest in the whole en primeur process, this year protracted by the small quantities released by many châteaux. As a leading fine-wine trader put it, 'if we can get it, we can't sell it; if there's demand for it, we can't get it'. And this for the best quality Bordeaux vintage to have emerged since 2010. 

1 May Please note that I am continuing to add to our tasting articles listed below. To find the most recently added tasting notes, go to our tasting note database, in the left-hand menu choose France in the Country field, Bordeaux in the Region field and in the Date tasted fields start perhaps with 26 April and end with the date you are searching on.

25 April Today we publish our last major Bordeaux 2016 primeurs tasting article, bringing the grand total of tasting notes to 614, 609 of them written by me. Now that I have tasted as many lesser reds as I have, I am increasingly aware of how good many of these are, as I wrote in last Saturday's free article. I think 2016 will be a vintage in which there is no absolute need to buy too high up the quality scale, on either right or left bank, in order to benefit from this vintage's qualities of ripeness, freshness and structure.

11 April This guide provides you with links to all our articles about this alluring but very varied vintage, new ones added when the article is published. The picture is of all the paperwork I brought back from my tasting trip to Bordeaux earlier this month. My many tasting articles are scheduled for 12 to 25 April. I tasted several wines more than once but, since I was using one master spreadsheet to record all my tasting notes, was able to combine all impressions into one note for each wine.

As I write, on 11 April, I still have many less famous wines to taste and expect the total number of wines reviewed to be greater than 500.

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