Southwold 2016s – whites

Sauternes bottles in the Southwold-on-Thames tasting of 2016 Bordeaux

We begin the week's series of tasting articles on this year's Southwold-on-Thames blind tasting of the 2016 Bordeaux vintage with a look at the white wines. Tomorrow we'll publish notes on the right-bank reds and on Thursday the left-bank reds. See this guide to our coverage of Bordeaux 2016.

As I will be reporting on Saturday, this was the most enjoyable Southwold Bordeaux vintage retrospective ever. The 2016 vintage is really outstanding, and relatively consistent. There were many seriously good wines in the lower ranks of the 264 wines we tasted blind in flights by appellation over three days. (See Bordeaux 2013 at Southwold-on-Thames...