Bordeaux 2021 – a guide

Dogs and Merlot at Ch Bauduc 2021

Image of dogs and Merlot vines at Ch Bauduc courtesy of Gavin Quinney.

We have tasted virtually all the wines likely to be of importance in this year's bordeaux en primeur campaign. Those interested in the prices and the value they represent should follow comment in this thread on our Members' forum, not least the charts kindly assembled by Nick Martin and team at Wine Owners.

The most recent articles will appear at the top of these lists.

Tasting articles

Bordeaux 2021 in bottle – whites and right-bank reds 21 November 2023

Bordeaux 2021 in bottle – left-bank reds 20 November 2023

Right-bank reds 16 May 2022

Left-bank reds 11 May 2022

Whites 6 May 2022

Other coverage

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