Burgundy 2011 – guide to our coverage


4 Feb We have finally published all six of our tasting articles in their final form, fully edited and ordered (though please don't hesitate to let us know if you spot any howlers). A new introduction to them all explains, we hope, how best to make sense of them.

Please don't forget that when you have done a search, you can order tasting notes by score, by clicking on the Score heading of any set of tasting notes that the search function reveals. You can also order them by producer and by appellation, or indeed by date tasted. And of course you can narrow your search in all sorts of ways by using the various tasting notes search fields on the panel on the right. If, for example, there were a particular UK merchant you were interested in, just put their name in the general search box at the top, then choose 'France: Burgundy' for the Country: Region field and '2011' for the Vintage field. Then you will be presented with a list of all our tasting notes for that merchant's 2011 burgundies, which can then be ordered in various ways.

26 Jan – The tasting articles are now reasonably shipshape (except for separating the two Liger-Belair sets – now fixed)! Though do let us know if you spot any other glaring errors. The total final tally is 1,882 tasting notes now that 100% duplicates have been deleted.  Although where the same wine has been tasted twice or even three times with different notes, we have kept all those notes to give you as complete a picture as possible.

24 Jan – Thanks to very hard work on the part of all the team, especially Tam and her helpmeet Natalie Guinovart in Colorado, we have now uploaded all 1,900+ tasting notes and are now in the process of checking them.
19 Jan – Unfortunately my last three recommended producers (based on the J&B tasting) – Bachelet Monnot, Robert Chevillon and Chantal Remy – didn't make it into the
FT Weekend Magazine. But they are in my long list appended to the online article here.

17 Jan – Tam is back in the UK and back to uploading, so new tasting notes are appearing on the site hourly.

13 Jan – Tam has been working like a fiend and our total tally of published tasting notes on 2011 burgundies is already more than 1,100. And we still have at least four more tastings to attend. We will neaten up the notes once they are all in the tasting notes database, but you may like to know that Tam is away Monday to Wednesday so there will be no additions to the tasting articles listed below on those days. To check for tasting notes on your favourite domaine, just put its name and 2011 in the search box top right.

8 Jan – Keep following this Burgundy 2011 thread on our Members' forum for up to date reports from this week's London tastings.

Here's a quick guide to navigating our comprehensive coverage of the 2011 vintage in Burgundy. If you're thinking of buying, see our list of the UK merchants that we know to be making en primeur offers.

Please note that these tasting notes – more than 500 by Monday 7 Jan – are in the continuous process of being updated, added to, and edited, so they are not yet in the pristine order and condition that they will be by the end of January. Do let us know if you see any glaring errors!

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