Burgundy 2015 – a guide to our coverage


24 January, Jancis adds For an update, see here.

20 January, Jancis writes  We now have well over 2,000 tasting notes uploaded into the 15 tasting articles listed below. Richard attended the last two London tastings, at Handford and The Sampler, and is currently adding the final tasting notes on the following producers not already included in our published collection:

Jean Chauvenet
Sylvain Dussort
Fédéric Esmonin
Maison Harbour
Rémi Jeanniard
Catherine et Claude Maréchal
François Mikulski
André Moingeon et Fils
Ch de Montaigu
Henri et Gilles Remoriquet

You may like to look out for these specifically as some of them may be added under producer headings rather than, like the rest of our tasting notes initially (see below – explanation dated 7 January), at the bottom of the relevant tasting article.

This is because we are beginning to put our tasting articles in order. Once tasting articles have been ordered and checked, they will lose their Work in Progress (WIP) suffix in the title.

Please note that when we find duplicate tasting notes on the same wine, if there is any doubt about the condition of a sample bottle, we may delete the less complimentary note so the grand total of tasting notes may decline slightly.

My aim is to add short summaries of my impressions of the 2015s of many producers but this will inevitably take a bit more time.

13 January, Jancis writes  Burgundy Week in London is nearly over although there are still a few tastings next week. Julia, Richard and I will be restoring our burgundy stream to a blood stream over the weekend and Tam's, Camilla's and Emily's fingers have been working overtime to upload the fruits of our labours. As I write there are nearly 1,300 tasting notes in our 15 tasting articles alphabetically grouped by producer (sur)name. In general the wines were a pleasure to taste, so full of fruit were they – and many of the whites most attractively combined exciting depth of fruit with freshness. The most common fault in reds was a lack of freshness and an excess of sweetness, but this was not too common. See more comment in the introduction to our wine of the week today and some specific recommendations in tomorrow's (free) FT article. 

7 January  The 15 tasting articles listed below, with hundreds of tasting notes on the particularly succulent 2015 burgundies, are still in a distinctly embryonic state – not least because we still have more than 20 tastings to attend in London next week. WIP in the article title, for work in progress, signifies that we will continue to upload our tasting notes over the next two or three weeks. But because demand for these wines is high, we thought you would rather have part-finished articles than wait until they are complete, beautifully ordered and pristine (at which point they will lose their WIP suffix). 

As explained in this thread in our forum, we will continue to add tasting notes to the bottom of each tasting article so that you can easily see which are the most recent additions. This will result in a particularly big group of notes at the bottom of each tasting article, and the order of uploading will be the default order of this group. But don't forget that nowadays members of Purple Pages may choose the order in which tasting notes are presented: by appellation, producer or score. When you want to return to the original order, choose the default option.

We will also list articles about 2015 burgundy other than tasting articles below. There are relatively few of them so far because the 2015 growing season in Burgundy, unlike those before and immediately after it, was relatively incident-free (no frost, no hail to speak of, for instance). Bear in mind that the 2016 crop was severely frosted in places, which is having an impact on 2015 prices and, in some cases, quantities allocated for sale. The weakness of sterling is also playing its part for us Brits. 


Burgundy 2015 – A

Burgundy 2015 – Ba-Bi

Burgundy 2015 – Bl-Bz

Burgundy 2015 – Ca-Ci

Burgundy 2015 – Cl-Cy

Burgundy 2015 – D

Burgundy 2015 – E-F

Burgundy 2015 – G

Burgundy 2015 – H–K

Burgundy 2015 – L

Burgundy 2015 – Ma-Me

Burgundy 2015 – Mi-O

Burgundy 2015 – P

Burgundy 2015 – Q–R

Burgundy 2015 – S–Z


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