Burgundy 2017 – the guide


23 January 2019 Thanks to one sharp-eyed Purple Pager, we realised that we'd inadvertently left out tasting notes for Cécile Tremblay, Arnaud Ente, Dom Roulot and Dom Leflaive. These have just been added to the relevant tasting articles. 

21 January 2019 Our 15 tasting articles are now complete, checked and published formally on our home page. Thank you for your forbearance, and many thanks are also due to the hard work of our uploading team Andrew Morris and Francesca Bellometti led by the indomitable Tam. 

So far we have spotted almost 30 instances of wines for which we have more than one tasting note and have decided to retain all of them in order to give you maximum guidance. In some cases the wines will have been tasted on different days – occasionally some weeks apart.

At the suggestion of those contributing to this thread on our Members' forum, we have repeated last year's pattern of coverage of the latest Burgundy vintage. This entailed publishing this guide to tasting notes on 2017 burgundies that had so far been uploaded, with a 'Last updated' date. We have added tasting articles to the home page only when they are complete and edited. Although don't hesitate to let us know if you spot any errors.  

The picture of the village of Vosne from its most famous vineyards was taken in October 2017 soon after grapes had been harvested.


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Burgundy 2017 – A

Burgundy 2017 – Ba–Bi

Burgundy 2017 – Bl–Bz

Burgundy 2017 – Ca–Ci

Burgundy 2017 – Cl–Cy

Burgundy 2017 – D

Burgundy 2017 – E–F

Burgundy 2017 – G

Burgundy 2017 – H–K

Burgundy 2017 – L

Burgundy 2017 – Ma–Me

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Burgundy 2017 – Q–R

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