Chianti Classico Night in pictures


See Julia's and Jancis's tasting notes taken at this event.

One hundred thirsty wine lovers descended on Caravan King's Cross last Sunday evening for our tenth tasting event there – this time devoted to Chianti Classico. Our eleventh, showcasing some of the finest wines of the Languedoc, takes place on Sunday 18 November and there are still around 10 tickets left at the time of writing. Find out more here

New Yorkers are to be given their own chance to taste exactly the same collection of these stupendous wines on the evening of Wednesday 24 October. Find out more here. Tickets are currently on sale from Chambers Street Wines.

There were 47 different examples from the DOCG, roughly half of which were classified as Riserva or Gran Selezione, culminating in a magnificent 2010 Riserva.

The line-up included some famous names such as the wine of the week shown above in the foreground, as well as some less well-known ones, all selected by our expert on all things Italian, Walter Speller.

As usual, Jancis and Julia took tasting notes on all the wines before the doors were opened (they would like to say that this was a completely pleasurable experience, despite the severe facial expressions) – with Walter ever present to double-check the condition of the wines in each bottle.

Glassware was provided by Sensible Wine Services, with Walter favouring Riedel's Pinot Noir glass over their standard Chianti shape.

Tasters were extremely prompt this time, and were soon let loose upon the bottles, as always at liberty to pour for themselves ...

... and Caravan's delightful dining room was quickly at capacity.

While attendees were getting acquainted with the wines, Jancis and Walter sang 'Oooh baby I love your way' as a duet.

Okay, not really. Looks like it though. In actuality, they introduced the wines, with Walter emphasising the difference between standard Chianti and the more stringently controlled heartland of the region, Chianti Classico. Soon afterwards, Caravan's excellent food was served.

... and our intrepid tasters continued to enjoy the evening until it finished at nine o'clock.