Dorli Muhr's Blaufränkisch

Dorli Muhr in her Spitzerberg vines

A one-woman wine estate in Austria put together in a doctor's waiting room. Sort of.

As Tam pointed out in her recent article about the Heimanns of Szekszárd, Blaufränkisch (known as Kékfrankos in Hungary) has great potential for making refreshing-but-serious red wine that expresses terroir.

Austrian wine producers have increasing respect for this middle-European variety. The first article we published that made this crystal clear was Moric – Blaufränkisch champion back in 2012, about Roland Velich’s operation in Mittelburgenland.

Earlier this year, before the expressions 'lockdown', 'confinement' and 'shelter in place' had even entered, let alone come to dominate...