German 2019 white and 2018 red strays

Dr Katharina and Dr Manfred Prum of J J Prum overlooking the Mosel

The headline may suggest these are also-rans but that would be quite wrong. There are some completely gorgeous wines here, including a dazzling array of J J Prüm's 2019s. Andreas Durst took this picture of Dr Katharina Prüm and her father Manfred overlooking the Mosel from the Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard.

The wines reviewed here are Jancis's tasting notes on Germany's exceptional 2019 whites and 2018 reds that are not included in her and Michael's reviews of 2019 GGs (to be published soon), nor in our selection of this year's Auktion wines, nor in her collection of wines offered earlier this...