GG releases in 2022 – Riesling part 1

server delivering bottles to a taster's table at Wiesbaden 2022

Newly released Riesling Grosse Gewächse from the Mosel, Mittelrhein, Nahe, Franken and Rheingau, tasted in Wiesbaden and in London. See also last week's reviews of newly released red GGs and white GGs other than Riesling. The table service provided to tasters at Wiesbaden for this annual event is famously efficient (image © VDP/Peter Bender). See this guide to our coverage of this year's German wine releases.

Paula writes 2021 Rieslings. Deep breath. The low temperatures and challenging conditions of the vintage meant that I knew tasting them all at this year’s VDP event wasn’t going to be...