German wines – guide to our coverage in 2022

2021 harvest in the Mosel

We'll keep adding to this… Above is the 2021 harvest on the Kellers' parcel on the 73% slope of Nierstein's Pettenthal vineyard, described by Klaus Peter Keller as 'mountain climbing with grapes', a reminder of how labour-intensive German viticulture can be.

We're proud of paying so much attention to German wine, thanks to our previous German specialist Michael Schmidt and his successor Paula Sidore, as well as my and Julia's love of the wines. Tam is pretty keen too.

There was an almost audible sigh of relief after the first tasting of 2021 whites to find a sea change from the much hotter, drier vintages that preceded 2021 and, as time went on, it became clear that this is a very special vintage indeed. There may not be many late-picked, sweet marvels but the quality of the dry and Kabinett wines is inspiring, as you will see from the articles below.

Also released this year is clear proof that Germany is now a country capable of producing fine reds too. No one could complain that the 2020 reds have anything in common with the pale, wan dark pinks of yesteryear. And more and more wine lovers are realising that Germany can be fertile hunting ground for those looking for less-expensive alternatives to red burgundy.

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