GG releases in 2022 – Riesling part 2

tasting in Wiesbaden 2022 © VDP - Peter Bender

Riesling Grosse Gewächse from Rheinhessen, Pfalz and Württemberg conclude our coverage of the new GG releases. See also red GGs, white GGs other than Riesling and Riesling part 1. See this guide to our coverage of this year's German wine releases. Image of tasting in Wiesbaden's Kurhaus © VDP/Peter Bender.

Paula writes Gone are the days of overripe fruit, soft structure and cloying sweetness. Today’s German wines pursue freshness and finesse. Even in warmer vintages (there were a few 2017s and 2020s in this year’s line-up), alcohol levels in the wines shown at Wiesbaden this year were...