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Christmas shoppers at Oxford Circus, London

At the moment you are almost certainly deluged by suggestions of ‘the perfect gift’. There is no escape even at Here are our suggestions.

This was Oxford Circus in London last Saturday. Not fun. Buy your presents from the comfort of your armchair.

24 Hour guide to wine


Give your friends this inexpensive guide to the essentials of wine so they can understand what the heck you are on about. Available in many foreign editions. A perfect stocking filler. See more at 24hourwineexpert.

Visit your local bookshop or Waterstones,  Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble or Amazon US.

£50/$65 – or less

Both covers of the World Atlas of Wine 8th edition

Feast your eyes on our brand new, 8th edition of The World Atlas of Wine, nearly 5m copies sold to date in 14 languages. I describe all that is new in this new edition, that took two solid years’ work, here. Co-author Hugh Johnson and I are thrilled by how well this new, completely revised edition has been received. See what The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post and at least 15 more reviewers think of the new Atlas here. We’re also thrilled by how beautiful the book is. The jacket is a tactile sea green, crimson in the US.

Visit your local bookshop or Waterstones, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble or Many of them are offering prices below the recommended retail prices cited above.


Box and 2 Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon wine glasses

Treat your friends, family, or yourself to a pair of my beautiful mouthblown, gossamer-thin, wine-enhancing, dishwasher-friendly wine glasses. Inevitably, for the produce of master craftsmen, they are not cheap. (Though much cheaper than many a bottle of wine that will taste so much better in them.) The usual price for a pair of these glasses, beautifully packaged, is £70 or $112. But visitors to have until midnight on Sunday to take advantage of a special offer. My partners at Richard Brendon and our US distributors Skurnik are each offering a discount of 10% to those using the code JANCIS1GLASS, which brings the price down to £63 or $100.80. This code is active until midnight on Sunday. Buy your way into your in-laws’ hearts and palates!

'I’m enjoying sampling wine from this new all-purpose glass, lovely delicacy and so many types of wines show well in it.' Elin McCoy, Bloomberg News  
'For my reviews and tastings this is my new go-to. It’s actually fantastic.' Cameron Douglas MW
'These are my favorite wine glasses. I love the idea that I will only need one glass for all wines!' Rajat Parr, ex-sommelier, author and winemaker
'After EXTENSIVE testing I can’t recommend the Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon 1 Glass heartily enough.' Joe Fattorini, presenter of The Wine Show

Save 10% at (who can ship anywhere in the world) and in the US.  See also Where to buy our glassware.

These discounts also apply to the full range of glassware, including the stemless wine glass that doubles as a water glass, the generously proportioned young wine decanter designed for maximum aeration, and the tall, narrow, stoppered mature wine decanter for wines that deserve to be decanted off their sediment. All come in sturdy, beautiful packaging.

Full range of Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon glassware


(at today’s rates) logo

A gift membership of our Purple Pages has the great advantage of needing no wrapping paper, no courier, and you have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will last a full 12 months. You will be sharing an enormous amount of pleasure with your recipient, who may be able to use all the information and opinion in our two daily articles to actually save money. Purple Pages include the most up-to-date, most easily searchable version of The Oxford Companion to Wine (RRP £40) and the maps from The World Atlas of Wine (RRP £50).

Order a gift membership here

Much better than a pair of socks.