A guide to sustainability heroes

Wild flowers in vineyard (Wolfgang Hasselmann - Unsplash)

Below are links to the entries in this year's writing competition that have so far been published. Most recently published at the top.

26 September 2020 Final contribution to the whole caboodle? An overview of sustainability and wine also published in the Financial Times.

24 September 2020 The winners! Two equal winning entries but three winning authors, along with five runners-up, announced today in 2020 writing competition – who won?

23 September 2020 Published today, a thoughtful survey of the entries in this year's competition by external judge Dr Irina Santiago-Brown.

22 September 2020 Details of the 18 shortlisted entries are published here.

17 September 2020 Correction: we will be publishing the last pair of entries not this Saturday but this Sunday 20 September. Then the shortlist on Tuesday 22 September, a long and appreciative article about the entries by external judge, sustainability expert Dr Irina Santiago-Brown, on Wednesday and then we will reveal the final result on Thursday 24 September.

7 September 2020 We very much hope you agree with us that the standard of entries has been exceptionally high this year, and that the subject matter is both heartening and thought-provoking. But if, by any chance, you are feeling rather overwhelmed by all these articles about sustainability, I can assure you that the end is in sight. We plan to continue to publish two a day until Saturday 19 September. Then, we intend to publish a shortlist of the best early the following week and to announce the winner later that week. Drum roll, please …

25 August 2020 Two external judges have been appointed to help us find a winner of this year's competition.

23 August 2020 We have been overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of submissions in this year's competition, particularly in view of the amount of work each entry required. Because so many of them are worth reading, and because we have promised to announce the winner next month, from tomorrow we will be publishing two entries every day. We hope you find them as interesting as we do.

4 August 2020 The competition deadline 15 August, with a prize worth £380 is designed to encourage articles about the producers who are making wine in such a way that leaves the smallest possible footprint on the planet and invests in the future.

As Tim Smit, co-founder of The Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, says:

'It is my belief that we stand on the brink of a new agricultural revolution and the answers to the question of local resilience lie at the very heart of our existence and should no longer been seen as no more than a lifestyle choice or political positioning. The ability to change and benefit from this experience is down to us, not some higher body, and perhaps this is about growing up as a species and realising that the future still remains ours to make.'

The competition entries that we have chosen to publish are listed below, the most recent at the top. Note that we have not edited these entries – they have been published, free for everyone to view, as they were sent to us.

Aloïs Lageder, Alto Adige by Jessica Weatherbee 20 September 2020

Ursa Major, Okanagan Valley by Katie Truscott 20 September 2020

Kindeli, Nelson by Chris Howard 19 September 2020

Ch Feely, Bergerac by Caro Feely 19 September 2020

McCall, Long Island by Anna-Lisa Campos 18 September 2020

Ver Sacrum, Mendoza by Lisse Garnett 18 September 2020

Franz Weninger, Burgenland and Sopron II by Katalin Kiszel-Kohari 17 September 2020

Corison, Napa Valley by Chris Struck 17 September 2020

Rodica, Slovenia by Sami-Jo Adelman 16 September 2020

Matthiasson, Napa Valley by Chris Struck 16 September 2020

San Donato, Tuscany by Nicoletta Dicova 15 September 2020

Hirsch, Sonoma Coast by Nicholas Daddona 15 September 2020

La Grange Tiphaine, Montlouis by Allison Burton-Parker 14 September 2020

Ngeringa, Adelaide Hills by Mirko Pastorelli 14 September 2020

Szóló, Tokaj by Gergely Ripka 13 September 2020

Dr Wehrheim, Pfalz by Anna Chilton 13 September 2020

Bott, Tokaj by Gergely Ripka 12 September 2020

I Vigneri, Etna II by Cathy P Lee 12 September 2020

Homonna, Tokaj by Gergely Ripka 11 September 2020

Bella, Okanagan Valley by Ian Casterton 11 September 2020

Spottswoode, Napa Valley by Ashley Hausman & Martin Reyes 10 September 2020

Jakab, Tokaj by Annamaria Juhasz 10 September 2020

Gramona, Penedès by Valeria Tenison 9 September 2020

Sokol Blosser, Oregon by Karen Magner 9 September 2020

Huxbear, Devon by Bob Davidson 8 September 2020

Šuman, Podravje by Anja Zidar 8 September 2020

Mehofer Neudeggerhof, Wagram by Helena Jordan 7 September 2020

Dom La Tourraque, Provence by Robin Haworth 7 September 2020

Brooks Wines, Oregon by Pascal Brooks 6 September 2020

Tappero Merlo, Piemonte by Alessandra Dinato 6 September 2020

Frontonio, Aragón by Anna Harris-Noble 5 September 2020

Hope Well, Oregon by Katie Quinn 5 September 2020

Franz Weninger, Burgenland I by Hajnalka Kis 4 September 2020

Ch Maris, Minervois by Alex Hill 4 September 2020

Bellwether, Coonawarra by Nicole Bilson 3 September 2020

Dom de la Colombette, Languedoc by Robert Stanier 3 September 2020

Tantalus, Okanagan Valley by John Clegg 2 September 2020

Stolpman, Santa Barbara by Skyler Ring 2 September 2020

Perlage, Veneto by Evan White 1 September 2020

Frog's Leap, Napa Valley by Clayton Fox 1 September 2020

Ch des Bachelards, Fleurie by Anna Hickson 31 August 2020

Day Camp and Day Wines, Oregon by Aaron Bartels 31 August 2020

Borgoluce, Veneto by Marisa Finetti 30 August 2020

Vioma, Mykonos by Yannis Athanasakopoulos 30 August 2020

Orto Vins, Montsant by Jaume Pàmies i Blanes 29 August 2020

Herdade dos Grous, Alentejo by Maria Amélia Vaz da Silva 29 August 2020

Solminer, California by Joanna Snawder-Manzo 28 August 2020

Waterkloof, Stellenbosch by Sarah Suzanne 28 August 2020

Illahe, Oregon by Aaron Bartels 27 August

Schödl, Weinviertel by Malgorzata Partyka 27 August

2Naturkinder, Franken by David Frail 26 August 2020

I Vigneri, Etna I by Jinglin Zhang 26 August 2020

Dry River, Martinborough by Chris Howard 25 August 2020

Tillingham, East Sussex by Hannah Biggs 25 August 2020

Hiyu, Oregon by Aaron Bartels 24 August 2020

Gratavinum, Priorat by Ruma Singh 24 August 2020

Four Greek wineries by Olga Antoniadou 23 August 2020

Montemaggio, Chianti by Andy Kelly 22 August 2020

Venica & Venica, Friuli by Mirko Pastorelli 21 August 2020

Antiyal, Maipo II by Peter McRostie 20 August 2020

Salcheto, Montepulciano by Jeannie Boutelle 19 August 2020

Silver Thread, Finger Lakes by Jerry Smith 18 August 2020

Castigno, Languedoc by Charlotte Fenwick 17 August 2020

My 500 Mates, Inner Mongolia by Mark (Wenhui) Hao 16 August 2020

Staffelter Hof, Mosel by Stacey Nardozzi 15 August 2020

Felton Road, Central Otago by Chris Howard 14 August 2020

Childéric, Ventoux by Helena Olmi 13 August 2020

Reyneke, Stellenbosch by Adam Knoerzer 12 August 2020

Karanika, Amyndeo by Christos Fatouros 11 August 2020

Crittenden, Mornington Peninsula by Ed Verrill 10 August 2020

Antiyal, Maipo I by Elizabeth Yabrudy 9 August 2020

Cowhorn, Oregon by Morgan Mellish 8 August 2020

Levin, Loire by Paul Temperton 5 August 2020

Southbrook, Ontario by Jacky Blisson 4 August 2020

Cullen, Margaret River by Mike Bartlett 28 July 2020