Larrivaux and Lafon-Rochet


Nephew of the owner of Ch Pontet-Canet Basile Tesseron (pictured), his wife Berangère Carsberg, and their four sons (two of them pictured below) visited us in the Languedoc to share verticals of their respective red bordeaux, Chx Lafon-Rochet and Larrivaux. 

While Lafon-Rochet is a St-Estèphe and Larrivaux an Haut-Médoc in the commune of Cissac, they are only a kilometre apart, although it is strictly by coincidence, and a strange set of circumstances, that they find themselves in charge of properties that are so close. 

Most unusually, Ch Larrivaux has, from its beginnings in 1580 onwards, been run or at least...