Meet two new Masters of Wine

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The Institute of Masters of Wine has today welcomed two new MWs to the membership – Erin Jolley MW (US) and Andrea Lonardi MW (Italy) are the latest to achieve the title of Master of Wine. 

There are now 414 MWs across the world based in 31 countries, each making their own contribution to the world of wine. Andrea becomes the second Master of Wine based in Italy, after Gabrielle Gorelli MW passed in 2021.

The top countries where MWs are based around the world are Australia (27), Canada (10), France (18), Germany (10), New Zealand (15), the UK (205) and the US (59). Below are the biographies of the two newest MWs, provided by the Institute.

Erin Jolley MW (US)

Erin’s career in wine began with sales in the city where she was born, Washington DC. She soon landed a coveted position in the Barossa Valley, Australia, followed by rewarding years in San Francisco, CA, and Denver, CO. In addition to wine sales, she has focused on importation with a specialty of developing new markets. Erin currently resides in Miami, FL, where her own company Drink the Rent, an importer of French wines, is based. She also manages key wine portfolios and direct imports for Maverick Beverage Company of Florida. She spends her free time in the water with her husband and two-year-old daughter, soon to be joined by a son in September. Erin is rarely found without a pen in hand.

Erin Jolley MW
Erin Jolley MW

Research paper: A study of wine references in the lyrics of two American artists, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead, in songs from the 1960s and 1970s.

Andrea Lonardi MW (Italy)

Andrea is a wine manager distinguished by his dynamic and unique product-oriented approach, with widespread experience in different regions and markets. This originates from global education and training, ranging from Italy, to France, to the US, with varied multidisciplinary positions within the wine industry. Andrea started his career in marketing and sales for the largest Italian wine group (GIV), expanding indigenous southern Italian grape varieties to the US market. Andrea was promoted to viticulture director, responsible for over 1,000 hectares and 13 estates, from the Alps to Sicily. Through his leadership, Andrea displayed impressive innovation, pioneering many projects: developing stress indices for indigenous Italian grapes, engineering the first harvest machine with satellite control, and modelling management indices. Since 2012, Andrea has been COO within Angelini Wines and Estates (AW&E). In this role, Andrea oversees the business, impacting on marketing and sales, whilst leading incentives to innovate production and distribution: orchestrating a relaunch for the historic brand Bertani, reinstating a strong stylistic identity to Amarone and Valpolicella; zoning Montalcino through distinctive vineyard selection; and connecting with key international fine-wine distributors. Andrea will continue to cultivate his innovative reputation through stylistic improvements for key Italian appellations and fine-wine distribution.

Andrea Lonardi MW
Andrea Lonardi MW

Research paper: Pergola and VSP in Valpolicella: how labour demand and current challenges impact training system choices.