Mosel 2020s, part 3 – Bernkasteler Ring from B to P

Weingut Dr Pauly-Bergweiler in Bernkastel-Kues

See also Mosel 2020s, part 1 – VDP from B–O, Mosel 2020s, part 2 – VDP from P–Z and Mosel 2020s, part 4 – Bernkasteler Ring from R to Z. Above, the Bernkastel premises of Dr Pauly-Bergweiler, whose wines greatly pleased Michael, who reports today on the terrible floods where he lives.

On 21 June 2021 I finally received confirmation that, despite a drastically improved situation in Germany in terms of COVID-19, the VDP’s Weinbörse, already postponed to the beginning of July, would not take place. Although the biggest and probably most relevant annual presentation of the new...