Nebbiolo Prima 2015 – the guide


This is Nebbiolo Prima week on In June of this year, Walter managed to return from the five-day Nebbiolo fest in Alba with close to 500 tasting notes on his laptop. From the lighter, early-drinking Roero 2012s, through Barbaresco, the gutsy Barolo 2011s, and the long-lived Barolo 2009 Riservas, he's got it covered. His teeth, on the other hand, may never recover.

We've also included links to some older articles for background reading on vintage conditions, and a tasting of Barolo 2011s that Jancis did earlier in the year. The articles below are in order of publication, with the most recent at the top. Those without links are to be published later this week.

Walter took this picture of, in his words, 'three of the sommelier army who ran around like crazy during the five days of tasting and never (!) made a single mistake when pouring the wines'.


Barbaresco 2010 Riservas and Barolo 2009 Riservas (Tasting article) 17 July 2015

Barolo 2011 – part 2 (Tasting article) 16 July 2015

Barolo 2011 – part 1 (Tasting article) 15 July 2015

Barbaresco 2012 (Tasting article) 14 Jul 2015

Roero 2012 and Riserva 2011 (Tasting article) 13 Jul 2015

Barolo 2011s at Fine + Rare (Tasting article) 9 Apr 2015

2011 – the test-case vintage for Barolo (Tasting article) 19 Mar 2015

Barolo 2011 – the tasting notes (Tasting article) 12 Dec 2014

2011 – another fine vintage for Barolo (Inside information) 3 Dec 2014