Nebbiolo Prima 2016 – the guide


Walter attended this year's presentation of the latest vintages of Barolo and Barbaresco in Alba recently and, as far as we know, is sharing his impressions and tasting notes earlier than anyone else. 

To judge from his descriptions of the antics and politics involved, perhaps the presentation should be called Nebbiolo Prima Donna rather than Nebbiolo Prima... There's no doubt that it's a grape that demands attention, which Walter gives it in no small measure in his most recent clutch of Nebbiolo articles, spanning the Barbaresco 2013s, the Barolo 2012s and Riservas respectively from 2011 and the revered 2010 vintage. All in all we present reviews of hundreds of these compelling and increasingly sought-after wines.

The articles below are listed in date order, with the most recently published at the top. We have supplemented direct reports on Nebbiolo Prima with related articles already published. 

Barbaresco 2011 and Barolo 2010 (redundant?) Riservas (Tasting articles) 9 Jun 2016

Barolo 2012 – a vintage with issues (Tasting articles) 7 Jun 2016

Barbaresco 2013 – too classic? (Tasting articles) 2 Jun 2016

Where is Nebbiolo Prima going? (Free for all) 2 Jun 2016

J&B's Piemontese offering (Tasting articles) 2 May 2016

Barolo 2005s at 10 years old (Tasting articles) 23 Feb 2016

Barolo's lissom 2012s – a preview (Tasting articles) 30 Nov 2015