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  • Team JR
Written by
  • Team JR
26 May 2018

Today is the official start of English Wine Week (see this list of related events). If you are in the UK and are interested in visiting English (or Welsh) vineyards, perhaps this bank holiday weekend, you may also like to see the article English vineyards worth visiting we published last October about a few of the more interesting destinations. Nutbourne vineyard in West Sussex with its windmill is shown here. 

Since we are increasingly impressed by the quality of the wine produced in the vineyards currently mushrooming in the British Isles, we thought that this week we would bring you a collection of articles with an English accent. We will be adding them to this guide during the week to come, the most recent article at the top.

Can English wine be organic? (Tasting articles) 1 June 2018

Forty Hall – therapy in a bottle (Inside information) 31 May 2018

Studying at Plumpton (Inside information) 30 May 2018

This year's English winners (Free for all) 30 May 2018

English sparkling wine – initial progress (Tasting articles) 29 May 2018

Davenport – the quiet hero (Don't quote me) 28 May 2018