Our spring 2019 collections – a guide


13 June 2019 We are republishing this today, as our array of collected tasting notes – about 2,500 in total – has now come to an end. Happy hunting. 

28 March 2019 Our spring collections of regional tasting notes for wines all round the world are well under way. 

The JancisRobinson.com team does a lot of wine tasting throughout the year that doesn't really fit into specific articles, but often these are of interesting, available wines and it seems a shame to just add them to the tasting notes database without giving them their chance in the spotlight. So we've corralled our reviews into geographical collections covering a substantial portion of the wine-producing globe. From fine to frivolous, wallet-pinching to penny-pinching, way-out to textbook classic, there should be something for everyone in the weeks to come.

We got the ball rolling in Spain, followed by the US, with plenty more still to come. The links to each are below with the most recently published at the top of the list.

Rest of France 12 June 2019

Southern hemisphere 7 June 2019

Rhône 5 June 2019

Bordeaux 3 June 2019

Southern France 27 May 2019

Italian whites and rosés 20 May 2019

Portugal 13 May 2019

Central and southern Italian reds 8 May 2019

Strong and sweet wines 1 May 2019

Australia 17 April 2019

Northern Italian reds 16 April 2019

Fizz 12 April 2019

Burgundy and Beaujolais 9 April 2019

Loire 5 April 2019

Points east 1 April 2019

Germany and Austria 28 March 2019

United States 22 March 2019

Spain 20 March 2019