Restaurant reviews flow in


We’ve had such an enthusiastic response to our call for articles about eating out while our professional restaurant reviewer Nick Lander is hors de combat that I think we will publish two of them rather than one each week. The first will appear tomorrow and the second in the middle of next week. We expect to continue that rhythm but if we are deluged by good articles, we may publish them even more frequently than that.

Thank you, everyone who has so far taken the trouble to send us a restaurant review or more general article. We won’t be able to publish them all, I’m afraid, but we will certainly publish the ones we think you will find most useful, interesting and/or entertaining. Once we know that Nick is able to start reviewing and writing again, we will choose the winning submission and send its author a bottle of Ch Mouton-Rothschild 1996 from our own cellar.

Nick went to see his physician yesterday – the most ambitious outing he has been able to make since going in to hospital for an operation on his innards on 14 March. The doctor was very pleased with his steady progress but told Nick that he should not consider going back to work for at least two months, so keep those reviews flowing in. They can be on any topic allied to eating out and can be about anywhere in the world. The ideal length is between 500 and 1,500 words but this is just a guide. Do please send at least one JPG as illustration, ideally one that will crop well to a 200 pixel square. We’d be grateful if the images you send were no more than 100KB in size.

The one thing Nick is able to do is admire the designs and jacket of his forthcoming book The Art of the Restaurateur (Phaidon, October 2012), a series of profiles of some of the world's most successful restaurateurs (as opposed to chefs). He is very cheered, as are the publishers, by the clear evidence that so many of you are so interested in eating out.

Bon appétit!