​San Rosendo Malbec – Chile’s new old thing


Jancis writes Maximiliano Morales reports on a new development in Bío-Bío and I add a coda on transatlantic Malbec co-operation. (See also How Malbec got to Argentina – via Chile.) 

Thanks to the discovery of almost eight hectares of 140-year-old Malbec three years ago, San Rosendo in the Bío-Bío region of southern Chile nearly 500 km south of Santiago is re-emerging as a wine region, with several of Chile’s biggest wineries considering bottling their own examples of San Rosendo’s unique ‘Malbec Centenario’. 

So far 26 farmers from the areas of Callejones, La Quebrada de Peñaflor and Turquía near San...