So, so Sensible


If you're based in the UK, you can now hire my glasses! 

Forgive me for banging on about my all-purpose wine glass yet again, but, fresh from launching it, a stemless version and the two decanters in Japan, I am thrilled to announce that our favourite glass-hire company, Sensible Wine Services of Kent, are now able to hire out our beautiful, hand-crafted, gossamer-thin, classically shaped, dishwasher-friendly wine glass. 

Sensible have efficiently provided the glassware for all our tasting events (such as our forthcoming Cru Bourgeois Night) and seem to have virtually cornered the market in glass supply to the British wine trade. Until now they have specialised in a wide array of mainly machine-made Riedel glasses. 

Just go to Sensible Wine Services and you will see the brand-new announcement. Full details are available here.

Prices are the same as for the Riedels:

Below 500 75p per glass
500-999 60p per glass
1000 – 1999 45p per glass
Over 2000 35p per glass

I can only imagine how many glass-washing machines there are in Sensible's warehouse. They apparently supply all the glasses for the Decanter World Wine Awards, for instance – hundreds of thousands at a time.

Do try my glass with a wide array of different wines. They have been specifically designed to optimise the appreciation, both sensory and aesthetic, of all wines, no matter what the colour, strength, sweetness level and fizziness. I'm thrilled by how many wine professionals I respect have appreciated them. I know at least one Master of Wine student toiling away this week on the MW exams who has gone to great lengths to get my glasses from one country to another to maximise her chances of passing the three tasting papers.

Both pictures here were taken by Richard at our Languedoc Night last November at Caravan, King's Cross. Above right is the team preparing for the event, self-pour as usual. Below are some of the glasses waiting for tasters on the counter there with the kitchen in the background.