Some stars of Western Australia

Swinney Mourvedre bush vines in Frankland River, Western Australia

Hugely enjoyable tastings with the owners and/or winemakers of Cloudburst, Corymbia, Cullen and Swinney. One long-established name that has evolved considerably and three relatively new ones. Tasting notes on Corymbia Swan Valley wines added on 1 November.


Will Berliner's famous and famously priced Cabernets (see Cloudburst bursts price ceiling) spend 19 to 22 months in oak, and include 4–7% Malbec. 'A little goes a long way', he says. He was introduced to the variety (and to fine wine in general) by Dana B Street, a local restaurateur in Maine, who opened his eyes to the generosity of right-bank red bordeaux. 'I...