Special offer for hospitality professionals

Purple Pages offer pic by Andzia Zach

We’re offering temporarily unemployed hospitality professionals free access to our Purple Pages until the end of May. Please note this applies strictly to those who usually work in bars and restaurants rather than those working for wine retailers, distributors, importers or producers.

5 May 2020 We have started a series based on the thousands of food and wine pairings you were kind enough to submit. They will be divided by food type and we plan to publish two instalments a week throughout May with the winner of six beautiful Jancis Robinson glasses announced on Monday 1 June. See this guide to the whole series that will be constantly updated.

15 April 2020 Once you have been given your complimentary membership, do please sign up on the home page for my Friday emails. They are not clutter, and will summarise what we have been up to in the last week. It's easy to unsubscribe from them if you want to but very few people do.

7 April 2020 I am indebted to Anna Zacharewicz, ex bar manager at Boisdale of Bishopsgate in London, who volunteered this new image to accompany our offer.

1 April 2020 We're thrilled this offer has been so popular, and are very much enjoying your suggestions for food and wine matches. Please note the offer is for those who are not already members of our Purple Pages.

28 March 2020 We have been (delightedly) overwhelmed by the response to this offer, from all over the world. Please bear with us while we process all the emailed applications. You may not hear from us until Monday or even Tuesday.

There was an initial glitch whereby those taking advantage of our offer could access everything except for the tasting notes but this was sorted out yesterday, Friday.

Do please feel free to contribute to our Members' forum, by the way. We'd love to hear from you.

26 March 2020 We have been swamped with emails from people currently laid off from bars, hotels and restaurants all around the world who, unfortunately for them, have the time to apply for and take advantage of this offer.

We thought you might be interested to know how often aromatic white wines – Riesling, Grüner Veltiner, Gewürztraminer and the like – have been cited in the suggested food and wine matches. And rather too many people seem to be living on a diet of wine and popcorn or potato chips. We wish everyone a speedy return to gainful employment.

25 March 2020 Life is incredibly tough for everyone at the moment but, hosting a wine website, we are particularly concerned about the thousands of hospitality professionals who have suddenly found themselves temporarily unemployed.

Our restaurateur son Will could not be more conscious of this and suggested it would be a nice idea to offer ‘resting’ bar and restaurant staff free access to our Purple Pages for a while, a while when people may have a bit of time on their hands.

Then Julia mentioned that perhaps such professionals might have useful suggestions to make re wine and food combinations, something the rest of us thought could be really valuable. We plan to publish the best suggestions, with full credit, and are offering a prize of six of my beautiful, mouth-blown, all-purpose, dishwasher-proof wine glasses (worth £200) to the person who submits the food and wine match we think is best.

Box of 6 Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon wine glasses

So, here’s the offer. If you're a hospitality professional with time on your hands, just fill in this form to enjoy complimentary access until 31 May 2020 to everything on JancisRobinson.com, including our 200,000 tasting notes, 10,000 articles, all of the most up-to-date Oxford Companion to Wine, our forum and all the maps of The World Atlas of Wine.