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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
26 Oct 2011

Klaus Peter Keller of Rheinhessen has been wielding his camera again (see his previous images of the 2011 harvest here). Below is Sarah Jane, 15-year-old daughter of our forum's greatest German wine fan Symon Brown and KP's son Felix, 13, with Weingut Keller's Geselle ('journeyman') Peter Leipold and some very dry botrytised Riesling grapes, picked by the teenagers in their autumn holidays, that notched up 338 Oechsle. 

Klaus Peter reckons this is 'probably a new children´s record in the crazy 2011 vintage'. Below you see them waiting for the first drops to run off the Hydro press. He adds, 'The few litres produced  will probably not stay in Germany. Symon Brown will ask so often until he has some bottles in his cellar...' I think that's a fair prediction.