Tradición 30 Year Old VORS Amontillado

Bodegas Tradicion Amontillado solera

An extraordinary wine to end an extraordinary year.

From $39.99, €48.75, 140 Bulgarian lev, £63.56, 79 Swiss francs, 10,780 Japanese yen, 649 Danish kroner, HK$800, 599.90 Brazilian reais, SG$145, AU$160

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Bodegas Tradicion - pouring sherry

For such a merry band of sherry fans as the team, I was surprised to find that in all these years there have only been 12 sherries selected as wine of the week on and only one of those was an amontillado. Especially surprisingly considering how often we emphasise what incredibly good value sherry often is (see Jancis's most recent Favourite strong and/or sweet wines...