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  • Julia Harding MW
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  • Julia Harding MW
30 Dec 2009

14 Feb 2010 - see here for the outcome of the vote.

We Europeans often feel we have very little say in EU decisions, but now apparently we have at least one chance. The European Commission for Agriculture and Rural Developoment is trying to encourage audience participation and  invites us to vote for one of three proposed logos for what is to become the compulsory logo for all organic products produced in the EU from next year.

As explained on their site: 'In July 2010, a new EU logo for organic products will be introduced throughout the European Union. Contrary to the existing EU organic logo, which can be used voluntarily, the use of the new logo will be compulsory for all pre-packaged organic products that originate in the 27 Member States.

'The new logo will indicate to European consumers that the organic product has achieved a specified level of quality which is standard throughout the entire EU. The logo ensures that the products it appears on are organic - from the farm to the fork.'

Find out more about the competition that resulted in the three candidate logos by visiting the competition pages or just go straight to the voting page.