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18 September 2019 We have now revealed the name of the winner in 2019 writing competition - who won?

14 September 2019 Votes are now in and we expect to announce the winner on Wednesday 18 September when - at last! - we will unpin this article.

5 September 2019 Purple Pages members are encouraged to vote here for their favourite of the 10 shortlisted entries.

4 September 2019 Today we announce our shortlist of 10 favourite published entries.

30 August 2019 This is the complete list of published entries in our summer travel writing competition

Trieste for wine lovers by Lorenza Pravato 30 August 2019

Cyprus for vineyard lovers by Marleen Zambartas Brouwer 30 August 2019

Denmark for wine lovers by Peder Lehmann Larsen 29 August 2019

Quebec for wine lovers by Emily Campeau 29 August 2019

Burgas for wine lovers by Desislava Lyapova 28 August 2019

Limburg and Maastricht for wine lovers by Callie Cook 28 August 2019

Tokaj for wine lovers by Katalin Kiszel-Kohari 27 August 2019

Chiclana de la Frontera for wine lovers by Aaron Taboada 27 August 2019

Columbia Gorge for wine lovers by Donna Moyer 26 August 2019

Geneva for wine lovers by Robert Mason 26 August 2019

Addis Ababa for wine lovers by Arnica Rowan 23 August 2019

Santorini for wine lovers by Savvas Kyriakidis 23 August 2019

Poland for wine lovers by Monika Bielka-Vescovi 22 August 2019

The Douro Valley for wine lovers by Jessica Ochoco 22 August 2019

Côte Chalonnaise for wine lovers by Jon Wyand 21 August 2019

Miami for wine lovers by Sarah Phillips 21 August 2019

Ella Valley, Israel, for wine lovers by Edan Barulfan 20 August 2019

Madrid for wine lovers by Anna Harris-Noble 20 August 2019

Kyiv for wine lovers by Yulja Kryvoshei 19 August 2019

Copenhagen for wine lovers by Oliver Carr 19 August 2019

Amsterdam for wine lovers by Sami-Jo Adelman 16 August 2019

San Francisco for wine lovers by Rachael Ryan 16 August 2019

Sofia for wine lovers by Katia Iontcheva 15 August 2019

Vancouver Island for wine lovers by Geneviève Bussières 15 August 2019

Auckland for wine lovers by Allison Burton-Parker 14 August 2019

Siena for wine lovers by Tina Johannson 14 August 2019

Tbilisi for wine lovers by Sarah May Grunwald 13 August 2019

Nashville for wine lovers by Joe Scutella 13 August 2019

Basque Country for wine lovers by Yolanda Ortiz de Arri 12 August 2019

Cape Town for wine lovers by Jono Le Feuvre 12 August 2019

Armenia for wine lovers by Peter Harvey 9 August 2019

Orlando for wine lovers by Rashmi Primlani 9 August 2019

The Hague for wine lovers by Arend-Jaap van der Lely 8 August 2019

Waconia, Minnesota, for wine lovers by Chris Dinesen Rogers 8 August 2019

Beaujolais for wine lovers by Rachel Jones 7 August 2019

Melbourne for wine lovers by Patrick Rankine 7 August 2019

Neméa for wine lovers by Ian Shaw 6 August 2019

Los Alamos for wine lovers by Joanna Snawder-Manzo 6 August 2019

Portland for wine lovers by Samantha Cole-Johnson 5 August 2019

Vevey for wine lovers by Dennis Lapuyade 5 August 2019

Pittsburgh for wine lovers by Adam Knoerzer 23 July 2019

Athens for wine lovers by Olga Antoniadou 18 July 2019

2 August 2019 Some of these entries are beautifully written. Some less so. But so many of them are valuable wine lovers' guides (to a wide range of places around the world) that we are planning to publish two of them each weekday, at least, throughout August. And to help you find them, we will publish the list of links to each of them at the top (no longer bottom) of this article from Monday. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do. In September we'll publish a shortlist of our favourites, and then – drumroll – come up with a winner.

1 August 2019 Our competition is now closed. We had a flurry of last-minute entries and are thrilled with the response. We have yet to read all the entries, but they came from all over the world and cover a huge range of locations. Once we have had a chance to assess how many of the 80+ entries are worth publishing, we will let you know our publication plan. Please keep visiting for latest news. We hope to start publishing next week and expect to publish an update on strategy tomorrow. Please note that links to the published entries are at the bottom of this article, most recent addition at the top of the list. They will not appear on the home or Articles page.

23 July 2019 We have just added the second of our competition entries to be published. Those still assembling their entries may like to read the two so far available to get an idea of what we are looking for. Links to the published entries are listed at the bottom of this article, or you can find them by clicking on the 2019 writing competition tag above. 

18 July 2019 Many thanks for the entries to our 2019 writing competition so far received. They range widely in terms of location, format and style, covering three continents so far. But they suggest to me that we should be a bit more precise about what we are looking for.

May we suggest you take our often-updated London for wine lovers as your model? Imagine you are writing a guide to a place for a friend who is interested in wine. Tell them where to go and why. Our London guide is much longer than our suggested limit of 1,500 words, admittedly, but it’s a good model.

So we’re looking less for a traveller’s tale, or lyrical description of a place, and more for a series of recommendations. Today we publish one of this year’s entries to give you an idea of what we are looking for. See below for others.

One more tip: please send your image or images separately as attachments to your email, along with your text as a Word document. And please read the guidelines already published carefully.

Deadline is 31 July, entries to be sent to editorial@jancisrobinson.com. We’re looking forward very much to what you write.

In accordance with the wishes expressed when we asked for your opinions about these writing competitions, we will not be featuring entries, initially anyway, on our home page. Instead, this article will serve as a link to all the entries we publish free, most recent first.