2010 books reviewed – a guide


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Paul O'Doherty is a Dublin-based journalist and broadcaster who reviewed last year's crop of wine books and has been brought back by the Purple pager demand expressed in this thread on our Members' forum.

Below is a complete guide to all the reviews of 2010 books we are publishing grouped by topic, the first article at the bottom, those to come at the top. Unfortunately the severe weather has hampered the arrival of some books in snowy Ireland, and the odd American publisher has been unwilling to send review copies across the Atlantic, however forcefully we have argued that online publication knows no geographical boundaries.   

Oddballs 4 Jan 

Rest of France 3 Jan 

Jancis's favourite 2010 wine books 31 Dec (free access)

General 31 Dec 

New World 30 Dec 

Technical 29 Dec 

Eating, serving, etc  28 Dec 

Memoirs 27 Dec

Burgundy  16 Dec