A guide to our Week of Effervescence


All this week, and next Monday, our tasting articles feature that delicious mixture, wine and carbon dioxide – in fact our Week of Effervescence might almost be called Jancis's week of champagne tastings at 67 Pall Mall ... though some English sparkling wines (or ESWs, as Richard calls them) get a look in on Friday, and Walter adds some thoughts on Franciacorta next Monday. Links will be added as the articles are published, most recent at the top. 

On Saturday we'll publish Jancis's festive fizz recommendations. Matt Martin took this picture for the specialist online retailer The Finest Bubble. 

A dozen hand-picked single-estate champagnes 10 December 2018

2008 and 2009 champagnes compared blind 11 December 2018

Mr Dom Pérignon's life in bottles 12 December 2018

Lécaillon's sparkling Roederer Cristals 13 December 2018

English sparkling wine v champagne – a re-run 14 December 2018

Festive fizz 2018 15 December 2018

Franciacorta – are unripe grapes really the key? 17 December 2018

Walter falls for Asti, sweet and now dry 17 December 2018