Austria's lovely 2019s continued – from E to Z

Geese in a Zillinger vineyard

22 February 2021 Marion Ebner-Ebenauer, whose heavy black bottles came in for some criticism below, adds a thorough report on their estate's impressive sustainabilty credentials to the end of this article.

11 February 2021 Two trailblazers in the far north-east of Austria compared. Geese, for grazing and fertiliser, in Herbert Zillinger's Hirschenreyn vineyard pictured.

The 2019 vintage in Austria is clearly stellar. (See Julia’s coverage of the 2019 Grüner Veltliners and Rieslings and more late last year.) I have therefore been much looking forward to tasting the 2019s from two of the most ambitious producers in Austria’s Weinviertel, the generally...