Book reviews 2020 – Bordeaux

Ch Lafite 1868 The Alamanac by Saskia de Rothschild book cover

29 December 2020 We're republishing free details of these three excellent new books about the world's biggest fine-wine region.

4 December 2020 See this guide to all of this season's book reviews.

Château Lafite 1868 
The almanac 
Saskia de Rothschild 
ISBN 9782080204202 
$235, £125, €150 

Saskia de Rothschild may have grown up in some of the most fêted vineyards in the world, but writing was her passion and her career. Two years ago, however, she gave up her job as journalist for The International New York Times to become, as Jancis put it, Lafite’s new chatelaine.