Book reviews 2020 – a guide

Books by Ed Robertson

In between the festive glasses and bottles, check out the latest words published about what's in them. Old books pictured by Ed Robertson via

We are very grateful for Tamlyn Currin’s unusually comprehensive and perceptive reviews of some of the best (and the rest) of what was published in 2020 on and around wine.

We have already published many of these collections of reviews (and may publish a few more) for Purple Pagers specifically. But over the Christmas and New Year holidays we are republishing some of them free so that even more people can enjoy them. We hope that in doing so the relevant authors may benefit from additional publicity and we hope, as authors ourselves, that some additional sales may result in these difficult times.

You may be interested to see the long list of the best food and drink books published in 2020 as judged by those deciding the André Simon Awards.

Below we give the initial publication date of each collection of reviews, most recently published articles at the top of the list, as well as dates when the articles were republished.

Austria and Switzerland 1 January 2021
USA 25 December 2020
Southern Europe 18 December 2020
The rest of France 11 December 2020
Bordeaux 4 December 2020, republished free 29 December 2020
Commonwealth wine 27 November 2020, republished free 31 December 2020

How, what, why 20 November 2020, republished free 30 December 2020
Politics, piety and parable 13 November 2020
Taste 6 November 2020
Memoirs and meanderings 30 October 2020, republished free 28 December 2020

Somm stories 23 October 2020, republished free 26 December 2020