Bordeaux 2019s retasted blind – right-bank reds

Clos Fourtet ©Taylor Yandell

Impressive quality pretty much throughout! See also whites and left-bank reds as well as our guide to 2019 bordeaux. Above, the high-scoring Clos Fourtet in St-Émilion.

This was the most pleasurable right-bank Southwold tasting ever (see the introduction to the white 2019 tasting article for an explanation of the name). Even the wines from appellations less smart than St-Émilion and Pomerol showed well, with a number of Castillons such as the Thienpont-run Alcée showing increasing sophistication and l’Hêtre, from another branch of the Thienpont family, obviously a work in progress but by no means outclassed. 

All these wines were...