Bordeaux 2019 – a guide

Cabernet harvest at Beychevelle 2019

The en primeur system has been called into question more than ever before in this time of pandemic, and generated a wealth of opinions and articles on the campaign itself, as you can see from the list of articles below.

However, Aquitaine resident James Lawther MW has provided us with eloquent and precise tasting notes on most of the most important and sought-after wines in this very good vintage.

Gavin Quinney's photo above shows the Cabernet Sauvignon harvest at Ch Beychevelle in St-Julien with Ch Ducru-Beaucaillou in the background.

As usual, our guide is divided into tasting articles and more general coverage of this vintage. The most recently published articles are at the top of each list.

Please note that the articles listed below are comprehensively supplemented by analysis and opinion on wines released, including their pricing and value, on our Members' forum thanks to Nick Martin of Wine Owners, who produces charts like those below for all significant new releases.

Ch Palmer 2019 prices and scores
Ch Palmer 2019 relative value

Tasting articles

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Bordeaux 2019 left bank 15 June 2020, updated 16 June and 23 June

Bordeaux 2019 right bank 8 June 2020, updated 15 June

General articles

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