Dry January – recommendations and warnings

Smashed cans - alcohol-free beers and ciders

Hung out to dry? Get Smashed. Tam tasted no- and low-alcohol drinks bravely and widely on our behalf and comes to an unexpected conclusion. She may continue to add even more tasting notes.

Why do we bother with alcohol-free beer/wine/cider/spirits? There is a staggering array of choices for the abstainer – whether occasional, seasonal or permanent. Fruit juice, carbonated fruit drinks, flavoured water, soda, cordial, mocktails, pressés, seltzers, cold teas, kefirs, lassis, milkshakes, coffee, herb teas or even, dare I say it, water. From artisan to industrial, from cordial to caffeinated, the aisles are stacked high. The teetotaller might be...