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  • Julia Harding MW
Written by
  • Julia Harding MW
20 Apr 2017

Sold out several weeks ago, our first-ever Sherry Night this Sunday reflects the thrilling diversity and quality of these most distinctive fortified wines with 38 of the best examples from the so-called Jerez triangle, formed by the towns of Jerez, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria. 

The line-up ranges from some of the most recently bottled, freshest, driest and saltiest en rama finos and manzanillas to the sweetest and most viscous of PXs, plus everything in between: Palo Cortado, Amontillado, Oloroso and even a Moscatel. My photo was taken on a visit last month to the panoramic El Majuelo vineyard in Macharnudo pago (north west of the town of Jerez), now part of Fundador (owners of the Harveys brand) but one of the earliest properties of the Domecq family in the first part of the eighteenth century. 

We thought that the hundred or so tasters who are lucky enough to have tickets for this event (and the five finalists in our wine writing competition, who will also be attending Sherry Night) might like a preview of the treats in store, hence the publication of this list instead of our usual Throwback Thursday. A tasting booklet with more information will be provided on the night. (In the list below, [en rama] indicates a wine that is made with little or no treatment before bottling but which does not explicitly state 'en rama' on the label.)

Category # Producer Name RRP
Manzanilla 1 Valdespino Deliciosa Manzanilla en rama £10.99 (37.5 cl)
2 Callejuela Manzanilla en rama N/A
3 Delgado Zuleta La Goya XL Manzanilla en rama £22 (50 cl)
4 Sacristía AB Primera Saca 2016 Manzanilla [en rama] £18 (37.5 cl)
5 Barbadillo Pastora Manzanilla Pasada en rama £9.99 (37.5 cl)
6 Hidalgo La Gitana Pastrana Manzanilla Pasada £10.95 (75 cl)
Fino 7 Emilio Lustau Puerto Fino Fino £17.30 (75 cl)
8 El Maestro Sierra Fino £14.40 (75 cl)
9 Rey Fernando de Castilla Fino en rama £9 (37.5 cl)
10 González Byass Tio Pepe Fino en rama £16.95 (75 cl)
11 Urium Fino en rama £21.99 (50 cl)
12 Emilio Lustau Tres En Rama: El Puerto de Santa María Fino £16.95 (50 cl)
13 González Byass Tres Palmas Fino [en rama] £38.50 (50 cl)
14 Tradición Saca Noviembre 2016 Fino [en rama] £30-35 (75 cl)
15 Tradición Saca Mayo 2016 Fino [en rama] £30-35 (75 cl)
Palo Cortado 16 Williams & Humbert Dos Cortados Palo Cortado VOS £15.99 (37.5 cl)
17 Rey Fernando de Castilla Antique Palo Cortado [en rama] £25.95 (50 cl)
18 Cayetano del Pino y Cia Viejísimo 1/5 Palo Cortado £21 (37.5 cl)
19 Valdespino Cardenal Palo Cortado VORS £117.99 (37.5 cl)
20 Tradición Palo Cortado VORS £75-80 (75 cl)
21 Harveys Palo Cortado VORS £23.49 (50 cl)
Amontillado 22 Delgado Zuleta Zuleta Amontillado £11.99 (75 cl)
23 Rey Fernando de Castilla Antique Amontillado [en rama] £22.95 (50 cl)
24 Equipo Navazos La Bota de no 69 Amontillado £83 (150 cl)
25 González Byass Cuatro Palmas Amontillado £74.20 (50 cl)
26 Tradición Amontillado VORS £60-65 (75 cl)
27 Barbadillo Amontillado VORS £76 (75 cl)
Oloroso 28 Pedro's Almacenista Selection Oloroso £13.99 (75 cl)
29 Williams & Humbert 2001 Oloroso £40-£50 (75 cl)
30 Callejuela El Cerro Oloroso £40 (50 cl)
31 Osborne Sibarita 30 Year Old Oloroso VORS £22-£28 (50 cl)
32 Salto al Cielo Estate Aged Oloroso 1/5 £65 (37.5 cl)
33 Harveys Medium Old Oloroso VORS £23.49 (50 cl)
34 Valdespino Solera 1842 Oloroso VOS £23.99 (37.5 cl)
35 Emilio Lustau 1997 Rich Oloroso £22.95 (50 cl)
Moscatel and PX 36 Cesar Florido Moscatel Dorado £16.49 (75 cl)
37 Hidalgo La Gitana Triana PX VORS £67 (50 cl)
38 Salto al Cielo Estate Aged PX 1/5 £65 (37.5 cl)