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vineyard in fytia

20 September 2022 Today is the last day you can vote. You have 24 hours (until 9 am UK time on Wednesday 21 September) to let us know which entries are your favourites!

7 September 2022 As our 2022 wine writing competition winds down, it is time for us – and you – to determine which of the excellent entries will be chosen as winners. You may vote for your top three favourite entries from the shortlist below. Voting closes at 9 am UK time on Wednesday 21 September. For the full list of published entries, see the WWC22 guide

Over the course of this competition, readers have been transported from Iowa to Hungary, Canada to Campania, the Azores to New Zealand. We have been able to read about organic viticulture in Crete, sheep and goats in Oregon, and even cider production in Napa. All have been a pleasure to read. Having read them all, we are happy to say that we have come away feeling inspired by and confident in the strides that are being made in the fields of regenerative viticulture and sustainable winemaking.

Now, it is time to decide the winners, and most especially the favourite as judged by you, our readers.

Below are the 20 entries (out of the 31 that have been published) that we have chosen to include in our shortlist. The team here at JR.com will select the winner of the Judges' Selection Prize, while our readers will vote for their choice for the Readers' Prize. 

For more details, see our articles here and here

You have until 9 am UK time on Wednesday 21 September to decide who wins the Readers' Prize. 

Do please vote HERE by choosing up to three of your favourite entries. We very much look forward to discovering what you think.

The shortlist

Shortlisted entries are listed below in alphabetical order of competitors' surnames.

Stories of regeneration by Gwendolyn Alley 

Thymiopoulos Vineyards by Olga Antoniadou 

The World Upside Down: Contemporary Regenerative Practices in a 130-year-old New Zealand Cabernet Vineyard by Tobias Buck 

Regeneration: The Canadian Way by Kate Burns

Peter Hahn – Clos de la Meslerie by Allison Burton-Parker

Life from Life by Craig Camp

Regenerative Viticulture in Campania: Alepa Winery by Antonia Caserta

Melampes and Malihin, not a Miyazaki movie by Christos Fatouros 

Regeneration – changing our thinking by Caro Feely 

What is a weed but a flower ‘out of place?’ and other Fukuoka lessons I learned from Tai-Ran Niew by Diana Hawkins 

Wine industry in Virginia by Calvin Howe 

Rebuilding a Nation by Alisa Knoblauch 

Retama and regeneration: a memory of the desert of Almeria appellation by Charlie Leary 

Bardos Cider and the Doctrine of Discovery by Daniel Mills

Regeneration in the Most Unlikely of Places by Donna Moyer 

Regenerative Viticulture: Building a Better Ecosystem for a Better Planet and Better Wine by Robin Renken

Back to the Heights by Gergely Somogyi 

The Ark of Tablas Creek by Anna Spooner

Pico – Reloading by Valeria Tenison 

Radishes, Peas and Hairy Vetch by Barb Wild

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Credit for the main image above, of a vineyard in Fytia, belongs to Apostolos Thymiopoulos, owner of Thymiopoulos Vineyards in Greece. It comes from Olga Antoniadou's entry on Thymiopoulos Vineyards.