2023 book reviews – the guide

collage of books

The year's most notable books – and there are more to come. Watch this space.

It’s been a good year for wine books if this list is any proof. First off, our own writers have published a few titles (The Oxford Companion to Wine, 5th edition by Julia, Jancis and Tara; Alternative Reality, the story of alternative varieties in Australia, by Max Allen; and the first two volumes of the Bullipedia series on wine, which Ferran Centelles headed up, were published in English). 

We’ve also reviewed a slew of other books over the last 12 months, from rollicking satires on wine collectors (Eastern Promise) to a thoughtful paean to artisanal wines the world round (World in the Wineglass) to a deep dive into the compact but rich world of Madeira (Madeira Wine Today). We’ve listed all the book review articles below, with the most recently published at the top, and we will continue to add to it as we finish the year.

Autobiographies (Climbing the Vines in Burgundy, From Bordeaux to the Stars, Adventures in the Wine Trade, A Journey in the World of Wine)

Italy (Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0, The Wines of Piemonte, Italian Wine) 11 December 2023

Madeira Wine Today 5 December 2023

Anthologies (On Burgundy, Wine Democracy, The Classic Wine Library Reader and Wine Trails, 2nd ed) 28 November 2023

The New Viticulture 20 November 2023

The World in a Wineglass 8 November 2023

Vines in a Cold Climate 31 October 2023

Wine Crime (Vintage Crime, Eastern Promise) 26 September 2023

How to Drink Australian 11 September 2023

The New French Wine 4 September 2023

The Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide 26 June 2023

Rosés of Southern France 7 February 2023

History (Imperial Wine, The Bordeaux Club, Oxford Wine Club) 2 January 2023