Biodynamic viticulture in the Americas

Rodrigo Soto, Alan York, and terroir and soil specialist, Pedro Parra visit renowned soil microbiologist Claude Bourguignon, Anne-Claude Leflaive (who helped to spread biodynamic viticulture across Burgundy), and Antoine Lepetit (specialist in biodynamic viticulture) in 2011. Left to right: Parra, Soto, Bourguignon, York, Leflaive. Credit to Rodrigo Soto

How Ehrenfried Pfeiffer and Alan York primed the Americas for biodynamics and regenerative farming. Above, in a photo shared by Rodrigo Soto, York stands among several fellow proponents of biodynamics. From left to right: soil specialist Pedro Parra; Rodrigo Soto; soil microbiologist Claude Bourguignon; York; Anne-Claude Leflaive and Antoine Lepetit, in 2011.

‘I think, when we have the advantage to look back on this with the perspective of time, this era of “modern agriculture” will be seen as the shortest-lived system that has ever been pursued.’ (Alan York, 1997)

Biodynamics is a divisive topic, even among its practitioners. On one hand you have...