Burgundy 2013 – the guide


30 Jan We have now almost finished our massive coverage of this interesting and surprising vintage in Burgundy. Julia is just finishing the final checks of our 13 tasting articles with their almost 1,800 tasting notes, now ordered and annotated with news of and observations on some of the most interesting producers. We hope you find them useful. Please also look at the more general articles listed beneath the links to the tasting articles below.

10 Jan It's January, and with it comes, as usual, all things Burgundy. In November last year, Jancis spent an intensive week in Burgundy tasting at various domaines, and then followed that up with a couple of négociant tastings in London. This week it's the turn of the UK merchants to lay out the tasting tables, and Jancis, Julia, Richard and Alex (helping out while Jancis gets her full fighting strength back after a month-long bout of pneumonia) will be braving the jostling throngs of critics, sommeliers, buyers, collectors, importers, retailers, students and bloggers to bring you their views on this vintage.

We've broken down the reviews into rather more articles than usual, as the marathon tasting articles of the past can be rather difficult to digest, but we've stuck to our usual format of dividing the tasting notes up into alphabetical groups by producer (sur)name. As always, when searching for a particular producer, ignore words such as Domaine, Maison, etc.

The tasting notes are now more or less complete, just waiting for a final spit and polish from our eagle-eyed Julia. Please let us know via editorial@jancisrobinson.com if you spot any typos or inconsistencies (there's bound to be at least one red Bourgogne Blanc when I have been uploading such a vast number of tasting notes at breakneck speed). There may also be what look like duplicates. Often a wine is tasted more than once, sometimes by different people, sometimes at different tastings, sometimes on different days, and because samples, tasting conditions and people vary, the two tasting notes may not be exactly the same. We will review these duplicate tasting notes once the uploading is complete and make a judgement call on whether it is confusing or illuminating to leave them both in or not. 

Below the list of tasting articles are the links to all other articles related to the Burgundy 2013 vintage. And if you're moved to go shopping, this is the (still-being-added-to) list of UK merchants offering Burgundy 2013s en primeur


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