Burgundy 2018 – the guide

Grape picker during 2018 harvest in Burgundy, credit Jon Wyand

30 January 2020  Our 2018 burgundy tasting notes are now all uploaded! We hope you find them useful, even if we have occasionally included two rather different impressions of the same wine.

24 January 2020 The team have done the most amazing job and our collection of well over 2,000 tasting notes on 2018 burgundies, including some duplicates where we think they may be useful, is almost complete now. Just some wines offered by Robert Rolls to add. Chapeau to all.

30 December 2019 En primeur tasting for 2018 burgundies has begun. Julia spent nearly two weeks in cold, grey Burgundy visiting producers, and several of us have tasted wines in London from the négociants that are traditionally first out of the starting blocks. In January UK merchants will be organising their usual plethora of tastings. This year Burgundy Week has become Burgundy Fortnight, with tastings from 7 to 17 January. 

As usual, our tasting articles are presented by producer (sur)name and the links to each one are given below. General articles are presented with the most recent at the top of the list.

As we did last year, we're making the tasting notes available as soon as they have been uploaded, which, thanks to a small but dedicated team, will be as close to the tasting date as possible. The link at the top of this article is a shortcut to those wines tasted on the current and previous day of tastings and uploaded to the site – so the results will change daily (and sometimes minute by minute) as new notes are added. There will be duplicates, occasionally triplicates, where some wines are tasted on different occasions. There may well be a few errors thanks to the pressure and speed at which everyone works during this time. If you spot anything you think we should know, do contact editorial@jancisrobinson.com

Image of the 2018 grape harvest at Domaine Laurent Cognard in Montagny courtesy of Burgundy specialist photographer Jon Wyand, whose book, with Emmanuel Mère, on the Côte Chalonnaise, reviewed here by Tam, is available on Amazon

General articles

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Tasting articles

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