Furmint in Hungary and beyond

A bunch of ripe Furmint grapes on the vine - credit Liam Cabot

This variety knows no borders, turning out a diverse array of compelling wines across central Europe.

Furmint February has become ‘a thing’, since it was first launched in London in 2019, when I got into a ferment about Furmint. In 2020, just a hair’s breadth away from the first COVID lockdown, Jancis managed to get to the second Furmint February tasting, asking if Furmint was Hungary’s trump card, and also musing that it was, perhaps, the grape for February.

Furmint vineyard under winter snow - credit Liam Cabot
What Furmint February looks like in the vineyard (photo © Liam Cabot)

Since I first encountered it in 2016, I’ve become a firm fan of Furmint, and increasingly fascinated...