Germany 2014 and more – a guide


17 September 2015 For today's Throwback Thursday we are republishing this guide to German 2014 whites (and 2013 reds) because we have added so much more on recent German wine releases since this guide was first published, including our ongoing coverage of the recent Grosse Gewächse preview. There are currently 1,087 tasting notes on the 2014 vintage in our database. And there is more to come... 

17 June 2015 We are proud to have published one of the most comprehensive assessments of the 2014 vintage (and 2013 reds) you are likely to find online. This is a guide to our coverage, which includes more than 460 tasting notes. 

Most nations, Germany included, are prey to national stereotypes. While 'German engineering' is a phrase uttered with awe by anyone owning a BMW or Mercedes (one has to justify the price and annual service bills), so the phrase 'sun-lounger towels' is generally uttered in tones rather more sardonic. 

Needless to say the reality is that life – and Germans – are not nearly that easily packed up in boxes, and so it is with 2014 and our coverage of it. For a start, it's not all about 2014. While many of the tasting notes come from the VDP Weinbörse, billed as 'a comprehensive debut of the new vintage', many of the newly released red wines and some of the oaked whites we review are from 2013, or even 2012 or 2011. Other tasting notes have come from my travels in Germany, merchant tastings in London, and wines on current portfolios (not just new releases) as well as older vintages for interest.

Even though 2014 was plagued by  sinister insects and described by observers as 'lightweight', the year has clearly been fantastic, if not perfect, for some producers. The Baden boys, for example, are smiling. Others had to work very hard to save what little was left on the vines. Flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, or just a vintage to make the winemaker sweat, we present our views and reviews on the state of play in the world of German wine. 

The photo above is of a slate-dominated vineyard in the Ahr Valley, admittedly a little underrepresented in our coverage. 

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