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  • Team JR
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  • Team JR

Masters of Wine and MW students are offered a discount on a special opportunity to get to grips with some of the most common wine faults.

With combined roles of wine lecturer, consultant winemaker and wine analyst (Lincoln University, Hill Laboratories), Kirsten Creasy was well known throughout the New Zealand wine industry for her informative lectures bridging the worlds of practical winemaking and academic research.

She and her husband Glen have recently moved to the Languedoc and she has offered to conduct a day-long workshop on the causes, identification and analysis of common wine faults at the Institute of Masters of Wine on Wednesday 14 November. 

Join her for this tutored tasting specially designed to illustrate varying levels of TCA, VA, mouse taint, brettanomyces and sulphides. By preparing samples with different levels of these compounds, she will be giving attendees the chance to gauge their individual sensitivities to them. 

(The evening before, 13 November, we will be organising an early evening abbreviated version of this event, also at the IMW headquarters, for non-professionals. This will be offered later in the month via

The sample wines have kindly been provided by Marks & Spencer.

14 November full day workshop Full price tickets are £70 but MWs and MW students are being offered a special rate of £50. On checking out, insert the code MWFAULTS18 and the price will automatically be reduced to £50.

Buy tickets HERE

Tickets will soon be made available to visitors to First come, first served!