Introducing our new design


Later that same day (1.30 pm) - Tasting notes search is now working on Internet Explorer. Many apologies for the inconvenience caused. Should you continue to experience any difficulty with it, our developer suggests you do a 'hard refresh' (sounds like a shot of vodka): press Control + F5 at the same time. Best of luck.

We hope very much that you like our completely redesigned site, the first major make-over for since September 2008. Initial feedback has been very gratifying indeed and I know that Richard Hemming, who oversaw The Big Leap, Every Interaction, who designed the look, and Jonathan Zvesper, who did most to put it all in place, have worked incredibly hard – and will continue to do so as we iron out a few teething problems and continue to add all our exciting planned embellishments.

Here's what is already in place:

  • Brand new responsive design giving full functionality across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Completely recoded back end, giving faster, more efficient searching and far greater integration across the site
  • New payment provider giving modern, hassle-free payment and a much more user-friendly experience
  • Still no change in price – for the last nine years!
  • All the maps from the latest, seventh World Atlas of Wine (it used to be the sixth)
  • Much-improved international events calendar – and still absolutely free to use
  • Easier, clearer navigation of the most up-to-date published version of The Oxford Companion to Wine (based on the third edition)
  • Radically improved tasting notes interface and search engine
  • Our unrivalled Learn section:
    • 100% free to access
    • Completely updated and rewritten guides to
      • over 100 wine regions
      • over 500 grape varieties
    • Totally updated database of
      • nearly 750 wine retailers worldwide
      • over 120 wine courses worldwide
      • over 130 storage providers worldwide
    • Comprehensive vintage guide to 22 key regions
    • Over 17,000 words on how to taste, store and serve wine, match it with food and use the right vocabulary
    • In total, nearly 150,000 words of FREE, authoritative, totally up-to-date information

As I say, there are several more major refinements to come and the most annoying bug to be ironed out is sorting tasting-note results. Please bear with us while we sort the sort. And don't hesitate to point out any more shortcomings. We do appreciate your feedback.

Many people complained that the type on the old site was too small. Some people have said it is too big on this one. In response to your comments, we intend to reduce it but meanwhile, remember that you can set the zoom on your screen to adjust the size.

We hope that you find this new site valuable and a pleasure to use. If not yet already, then very soon. I can assure you we went to all this effort simply to improve what we offer, and will continue to do so.