Latest site improvements – including gift memberships


Last Friday we rolled out another batch of updates to the site, as I mentioned on  our forum. As usual, there were many 'under the hood' improvements, all aimed at making it easier and more efficient for us to bring you content at our usual speedy rate. Having said that, some members reported that they were experiencing problems with tasting notes search, which was apparently caused by browsers cacheing javascript files. That may or may not make any sense to you – but the important thing is that this is a temporary and very easily fixed problem: simply refresh the page (cmd+R on Mac; ctrl+R on PC) and normal service should be resumed. We apologise if you were affected by this and will try to ensure refreshes are not needed next time we institute a tranche of improvements – as we intend to keep on doing.

These are the other new features we hope will be useful to all our highly valued visitors:

Search from the menu bar

In response to your feedback, we have made it even easier to search tasting notes. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon top right of any page, and you may now choose to search three different ingredients of the site: tasting notes (NB this option is available only to those who are logged in), articles, and everything else (which includes Articles, the Oxford Companion, Maps, Calendar and Learn).

Gift memberships

With the festive season fast approaching, we have re-introduced gift memberships. If you already have a subscription but want to buy membership as a gift for someone else, you can do so via the gift membership tab in My account. If you are not already a member, go to the membership page and follow the prompts to find out more.

What our forum looks like on your mobile

We have made significant tweaks to the design of the Members' forum on mobile devices, making posts easier to navigate and read.

Latest forum posts now on our members' home page

As requested, we have replaced the 'meet the team' rogues' gallery on the home page with links to the latest forum posts. The most recent one is top left but we will be introducing times as well as dates of posts for your convenience.

Other miscellaneous updates include implementation of secure web browsing (https), long overdue automated email reminders that memberships are about to expire, and several performance-related tweaks designed to help to make the site more robust and navigable. If you have any other requests for features you would like to see on, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact form.